The parts below are divided into the each part as a solo, all parts but with individual parts emphasised, and the piano accompaniment. The idea would be to learn your part first by listening to the solo track and then sing it with the emphasised track. Then try to sing it with just the piano. Midi files are good if you have an app that can play them. MP3 files are good for phones.
22A Dancing Queen Hymn
PartMidi fileMP3 fileSheet music link

Soprano (W1) part onlySops part midiSops part mp3
Alto (W2) part onlyAlto part midiAlto part mp3
Tenor (M1) part only Tenor part midiTenor part mp3
Bass (M2) part onlyBass part midiBass part mp3
Soprano (W1) emphasisedSoprano emphasised midiSops emphasised mp3
Alto (W2) emphasisedAlto emphasised midiAlto emphasised mp3
Tenor (M1) emphasisedTenor emphasised midiTenor emphasised mp3
Bass (M2) emphasisedBass emphasised midiBass emphasised mp3
Piano Accompaniment OnlyPiano only midiPiano mp3