We were super pround to partner with FrozenFX to produce digital projections and animations for Frozen Jr the musical


This download includes 12 high quality digital backdrops and 6 animated transitions for key moments in the story including the freezing of the ballroom, Olaf’s dream sequence into In Summer, the creation of Elsa’s Ice Palace, 2 options for the Mountain Fall and an animation for Scene 14 when summer returns to Arandelle.

The full Broadway inspired creation of Elsa’s Ice palace available here  can be substituted for the transition into the palace included with this package for an incredible audience experience.

More information at FrozenFX.com.au


Frozen Jr. All Scenes

Elsa's Ice Palace Creation

Summer returns to Arandelle

Mountain Fall Option 1

Mountain Fall Option 2

Freezing of the Ballroom

Olaf's In Summer Dream

Scene 1 Arandelle in Summer

Scene 2 Castle Interior

Scene 3 Castle Interior 3 months later

Scene 4 & 5 Coronation Hall

Scene 6 Ballroom

Scene 6 Ballroom Frozen

Scene 7, 8, 9 & 10 Mountainside

Scene 7b In Summer

Scene 11 Elsa's Ice Palace

Scene 12 Foot of the Mountain

Scene 13 Castle Interior frozen

Scene 14 Outside the Palace frozen

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